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4th editon


Best Short Narrative

It's Rather A Lovely Thing

Director: John Williams

Best Feature Narrative

Third Eye

Director: Becquet Genel Tatiana

Best Documentary Short


Director: Alan Rexroth

Best Feature Documentary


Director: Kay L. Sumner


Best Experimental


Director: Lee Ann Cone


Best Science Fiction

AI vs Deep State

Director: Katalin Weith

Best Music Video

Ancient Lands and Lives-Above the Grand Canyon Rims

Director: Carol J. Amore

Best Female Director

Familiar Nightmare

Director: Shina Fly


Best Actor

Barry Pepper

Bring Him to Me

Best Cinematographer

The Wicked: Reborn

Director: Matthew Stalletti


Best Short Screenplay

The Color of the Evening Sky

Linda Kampley

Best Feature Screenplay

Camp Host

Tom Kearney

Film show
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